Infant Baptism Preparation Policy
for St. Vincent de Paul Church

Welcome parents & Godparents,

You have taken the first step in the preparation process of your child’s baptism. This is a step that could lead to greater involvement in your church community, as well as a chance to deepen your faith. God reaches out to us in all kinds of ways. The desire in your heart to baptize your child is one of them. This process should help you better understand the benefits of preparing for your child’s baptism by renewing and growing in your own faith, and making “parenting in faith” a skill you can add to the rest of your parenting skills and goals. The promise that you make to your child on this day will begin to form your child into a faith-filled and faithful follower of Christ.

It is our hope that the process will lead to your support of Growing Up Catholic for your child. Being baptized is literally a life-changing event for you and your child. Baptism—the sacrament that opens the door of faith to your child!

About the Class

  • Classes take place every month. There are three classes in which attendance is required.
  • Registration for class must take place by the 1st week of the month. Parents not registered by the 1st week of the month will be scheduled for the following month.
  • All participants must be registered and an affidavit filled out at the Parish Office prior to attending.
  • The first class will begin the second Wednesday of the month. The second class will take place the following Monday, and the third class will take place the third
    Wednesday of the month.
  • All classes will begin promptly at 6:00 pm, in the conference room. Please plan your attendance so that you are on time.
  • Classes are 1 to 2 hours long, so please plan to be in attendance for the entire session.
  • If both parents or both sponsors miss a session they must make-up that session the following month.
  • If baptism will not take place at St. Vincent’s parents will pay $10, Godparents $10 & a single person $5.
  • A certificate of completion will be given at the end of classes.
  • For those who cannot participate in these classes an online class is available at

About the Process

  • These sessions are for you, and about you and your family.
  • The program will involve your participation in prayer, discussion, and written responses.
  • Handouts will be used in each session, and participants will be required to keep these and use them as a resource at each session.
  • You will be invited to reflect on your own faith, and why you have chosen to bring your child for baptism.
  • While these sessions are NOT classes in theology, you will be involved in discussions of faith, the Paschal Mystery, Dying in Baptism, and the Baptismal Rite.
  • Handouts for Godparents and their role in Baptism will also be discussed.


Download the Baptism Registration Form and return it to the office located at 420 W Market St. Silver City, NM 88061. Phone (575) 538-9373