Society of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Society of Our Lady of Guadalupe Ministry Statement

The society of our Lady of Guadalupe was initiated in April 1967 and formally established in 1974. Our mission is to instill greater love, dedication, honor, devotion and reverence for our most venerable lady while providing service to our church community.

  • Present active members range in age from nine (9) to almost 90. Some members are 2nd and 3rd generation from families of faith. We hold meetings on the 1 st Monday of the month at 5:00 pm. Members enjoy fellowship between 5:00- 5:15 pm followed by the opening prayer, business meeting, prayer for the sick and end with the closing prayer.Our meetings seek to maintain unity among members through adherence to our mission. Our society allows for optional interest based committees.
  • We have Rosary Rally (s) which are held on October 7th in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary and on other designated dates.
  • We honor Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas with a celebration which begins with mananitas on December 9,10 and 11th . On her Feast day, December 12th a mass is celebrated followed by a reception hosted by the Guadalupanas.
  • Our fundraising efforts include; raffles, bingo concessions and rose card sales of mass intentions for loved ones (deceased or living) sold prior to Mother’s Day and December 12th “Fiesta de la Virgin.” Religious keepsakes are distributed at each mass.
  • A monthly (Guadalupana) mass is offered for the intention of society members. Fresh flowers are offered to Our Lady by individual members each month January through November.
  • Some members share of their time, talent, and treasure in more than one ministry. We visit the sick and homebound. We also serve as Honor Guard at rosary services and as accompaniment at mass and interment for deceased member and we assist at funeral fellowships.
  • We serve our church family through monthly fellowships and assist with needs as they arise. We also assist with items for the food pantry.
  • An awards celebration is held once a year to recognize members.

Vision: To continue our work in service to others by staying focused on our common values of spiritual growth and unity in fulfilling our mission through the evangelization of our lady which includes: to love, To appreciate, To cherish.

We invite you to join us in our ministry of service in honor of Our Lady.

May the blessing and intercessions through Our Lady of Guadalupe be with each and every one of you as you join us in prayer for our society members, our church community and our Nation.